There is an imminent need for businesses to have effective E-Commerce Strategies. It has been estimated that only 36% of the main-stream business market have effective E-Commerce Strategies. The number of minority-owned businesses with effective E-Commerce Strategies is a paltry even unbelievable 2%.

An effective web presence is almost mandatory in today's digital world. Your company's website essentially becomes a literal front door to your business. It is therefore very important that your company will present the proper image to a potential market of millions of Internet consumers that are increasingly willing to purchase your products or services online. The Next Level Group will advise its clients on effective E-Commerce Solutions in traditional and non-traditional businesses. The Next Level Group will provide your firm with an effective solution for your organization's needs. Online Commerce is skyrocketing as shown by this article by Internet News. The Next Level Group also offers the best in telecom solutions for small and medium sized businesses in the Southeastern United States. The Next Level Group is an expert firm in the target, ethnic, and diversity advertising arenas. The Next Level Group is also entering the publishing business with several urgently needed magazines and business directories forthcoming! The Next Level Group has its own network of 25+ sites that it runs that average 9,000+ visits per day and our sites are the perfect place for your organization's online ads! Our network of sites includes, Memphis Minority Online, US Black.Com, Blogging Black.Com and our firm has also designed one of the Web's Newest Christian Websites for Sure House Church, Inc. in Collierville,Tennessee. We have several huge internet portals under development for 2007 releases!






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