Destiny Enterprises will deliver exceptional Web-Design and Web Marketing Solutions for your organization. We specialize in custom web solutions. We are members of several prominent highly-selective National Webmaster Associations. We are dedicated to serving our clients with quality professional websites and we implement marketing strategies for each website that we design. Our firm can assist with the marketing of virtually any organization's website. We believe that all businesses, regardless of size should have a web presence that is effective. For this reason, we offer the ability to obtain an online presence at an affordable cost for any business or organization of any size.

We can design your website utilizing Macromedia Software such as, Flash and Dreamweaver at no additional cost. Also, we can provide database integration for additional fees.

All work billed at the low fee of $75 per hour and we provide website maintanence at $20 per hour. We will provide website hosting as low as $17.95 per month (with a one-time setup fee).

Why Have A Web Presence?
We can think of many reasons, but the most important is for you and what your business can offer people to be found easily. Today's consumers are in a hurry and if it takes 5 minutes to find you on the web or 45 minutes to drive around town which do you think they will do?
1. 20,000 new internet accounts come online everyday in the USA .
2. The internet doubles in size every 60 days. (the competition mounts).
3. This sounds bad, but your competition is probably already researching for an internet presence.
4. Local advertising is needed, but do Tom & Marge coming here to visit from New York have a copy of the local phone book or newspaper?
5. An Internet presence is a tax write off as company advertising!
6. A web site is a company asset if and when you decide to sell or for the purpose of company net worth!
7. Your web site is like a salesperson that never sleeps, never needs a day off, and never complains about the commissions or vacation time!
8. Your new web site now makes you a global competitor.
9. Suppliers you don't even know exist will now find you and be able to show you what they offer.
10. Change is never easy, but the Internet is here to stay.... use it to benefit you and yours!

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